How often have you wished your wealth was managed for you to grow abundantly while you sat back and enjoyed the benefits? Well, at PERFECT TRADE RESEARCH SERVICES wishes do come true! With our capable and trustworthy PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES you can experience proficiency, talent and expertise all of which allow us to bring out the best in your portfolio of investments.
With an endeavor to give you the best, PERFECT TRADE RESEARCH SERVICES provides highly professional fund management services which are flexible to address varying investment preferences and deliver maximum returns to our clients.

Need of Portfolio Management:

To make the right decision in the unpredictable nature of the stock market, it requires time, knowledge, experience and strong research. In the end it boils down to make the right move in the right direction at the right time. That’s where the expert comes in.

The capital markets today need a constant tracking mechanism due to complexity in terms of compliances, methodologies, effects and analysis. As is the case globally, the Indian investor has also realized the advantages of seeking professional advice in order to not only manage but also augment their portfolio.

Benefit of Portfolio Management Services:

Direct investment: In PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES Investment in stocks is direct and shares are held in investors Demat a/c only.

Transparency: PMS has better transparency because investor knows the stocks holdings of his portfolio. He knows when and what Fund Manager is doing with his portfolio.

Better management: Although portfolio value is in line with market movement, the chances of outperformance are higher due to active management and greater flexibility to control the downside of portfolio value by qualified and well experienced fund manager backed by strong Research team of Analysts.


PERFECT TRADE RESEARCH SERVICES Growth aims to provide a growth oriented approach to investment management which is based on both fundamental and technical research. PTRS Growth investment philosophy is highly disciplined and process driven and follows a set of rules that focuses on conserving and building wealth consistently across market cycles.

Minimum Investment: Rs.10 Lacs

Profit sharing PLAN:

• Just open a fresh trading account through us at our recommended broker.
• We place orders in your trading account as a sub broker.
• We will handle your trading account.
• First earn profit pay later by profit sharing method.
• Profit sharing ratio: 70% yours, 30% ours (70:30).
• Trading account will be opened on your name only.
• Margin money will be there in your trading account only.
• Daily contract notes will reach you by email.
• You can check ledger directly by back office login.
• We calculate profit sharing on monthly basis.
• We calculate profit sharing after deducting all costs
(brokerage, stt, other govt charges)


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